Our Story

When shocked with a hard to swallow diagnosis and you wonder what now?  The idea for a juice bar transpired from our family’s personal experience while recovering from an unexpected hysterectomy to remove stage three cancer we wanted to put our focus on the future.  With a heavy heart and a sound mind, we decided to start looking for other ways to heal all our bodies. Cancer cells are in everyone’s body, we need to not let them get activated, and nutrition is our weapon. Improving digestion, concentration and cognitive function, skin clarity, balancing hormones, and the most important “leaky gut”.  

Our bodies are cleverly designed to heal, rebuild, and detoxify. God gave us these fruits and vegetables to consume, and raw juicing influences our bodies with enzymes to boost metabolism and phytonutrients to fight diseases! Another advantage of juicing is that a massive number of vegetables and fruits can be consumed- far more than one could eat at a meal.  

Our Mission

Healthy digestion and absorption depend to a large extent on having a good population of the right kind of bacteria populating our intestines. The great thing about ORGANIC juicing is that it helps us to absorb all the micronutrients from the vegetables and fruits, something that is difficult otherwise, because most of our lives we consumed GMOs (genetically modified foods), processed, fast food, and stress too much.

This is all to honor our Lord and give people a place to get healthy food when they get any heavy medical diagnosis. We are not meant to do life alone we are here for all of you and hope to become friends.

Benefits of Juicing

Agapé Juice Bar will help you achieve your health goals one drink at a time.

Raw cold pressed juice is a way to consume fresh fruits & vegetables with super foods to get your daily recommended nutrients. Juicing breaks up the insoluble fibers of the fruits and vegetables giving greater access to the nutritional element. Raw juicing puts less pressure on your digestive system. It is a chance to give the digestive system a break, and reset, while removing toxins,
and waste.

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Come In and Have a Seat

Agapé Juice Bar loves to meet the people in our community. Swing on by and grab a drink or a bite and introduce yourself. We also offer some delicious in-house weekly specials that will make your taste buds come alive.

Give the Gift of Health

Whether it’s a juice, açai bowl or a smoothie your lucky recipient gets a gift of health that’s perfect for them. Purchase a physical gift card in-store for a lucky recipient (or your daily juice run).

Agapé Juice Bar
1803 First Oaks Street
Richmond, TX 77406

Monday, Wedneday, Friday: 8am – 6pm
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Saturday: 8am – 4pm
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